Tuesday, November 17, 2015

ELUSIVE LOVE ~ Release Day Blitz

by K. A. Robinson
~Available Now~

Love is often elusive, hard to find and even harder to hold on to. Caley Rogers knew that from a young age.

When Joey Sanders walks into her life, she thinks she's finally found the love she has so desperately been seeking.
Five years, a marriage, and a child later, Caley realizes her mistake.

Trapped in a life with no love at all, she seeks out an old friend who quickly becomes her confidant.
Ethan Blake has loved Caley for years. When she reenters his life one random night, he never expects more than friendship, but after weeks of secret meetings and listening to Caley's confessions of a loveless marriage, the unthinkable happens. Ethan and Caley finally share their true feelings for one another.

Now, they must face the consequences of their emotions -- dealing with not only the uncertainty of their situation and Caley and Ethan's guilt, but also with the end of Caley's marriage to a man who isn't ready to let go.

Love is more than just an emotion. It's more than a single word. To Caley and Ethan, it's everything.

If I had known how Ethan would change my life so drastically, I never would’ve said a word to him.
I would have treated him the way I’d treated every other guy my friend Andrea dated—with polite coolness. After all, the guys would rarely stick around for long. Once Andrea was finished with one, she would send him on his way, confused and thoroughly fucked. It was just how she was.
Instead, I’d spoken to Ethan. Every day, he’d join Andrea, Delilah, and me at our lunch table, and we’d joke with each other. He was a sophomore, two years younger than the rest of us, but he fit in with our little group.
Over the three months that Andrea had kept him around, I had grown to consider him a friend. When she’d broken his heart two weeks before we graduated from high school, he’d stopped coming around.
Ethan and I would smile at each other in the halls whenever we passed, but that was it. With graduation coming up, I hadn’t tried to keep our friendship intact. I hadn’t seen the point. After graduation, there was little to no chance that we would see each other again.
On top of that, my boyfriend, Joey, wasn’t a fan of me hanging out with guy friends. He wasn’t rude about it, but he wouldn’t hide the fact that it made him uncomfortable. I liked Ethan, but attempting to stay in contact with him wasn’t worth a fight with Joey.
So, for the next few years, I’d forgotten about Ethan. With the exception of a friend request that I’d sent to him on Facebook, one that he’d approved, I’d had no contact with him at all.
Until one night.
Drunk and browsing through my News Feed, I had seen his name. On a whim, I’d messaged him. It was a decision that had changed everything for me. One simple message had set off a chain reaction that changed every single aspect of my future.

K.A. Robinson is the New Your Times and USA Today best-selling author of several New Adult and Contemporary Romance novels. She is both self-published and traditionally published through Atria Books (Torn and Twisted). She is represented by Jane Dystel of Dystel and Goderich Literary Agency.
She lives in West Virginia with her toddler son and husband. Her addictions include books, Supernatural, Sons of Anarchy, coffee, and Rock Music.

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