Friday, March 25, 2016

DEAR DARLING ~ Cover Reveal

★ - ✧ - ★ COVER REVEAL ★ - ✧ - ★
Author - Elle McKenzie
Saffron Vale has a letter to write - a letter telling her husband she is leaving.

Yet, the moment her pen touches the paper, her heart starts to ache. A lifetime of love and promises swim in the first stroke of ink, making her doubt herself. Every smear of punctuation becomes a joy shared by lovers who were always meant to be. Every heartache drowns in the blank space, which tells a far greater story than her pen ever could.

With over twenty years of memories tying her to the man she loves and the children her heart beats for, Saffron has to make the hardest choice of her life. Will she find the strength to write the letter that will end it all, or will she face a future of the unknown?

Dear Darling is a novel about love and loss, happiness and anguish, and one woman's struggle to find an answer to an impossible question.
Elle is an English author who currently resides in the Cheshire countryside. She enjoys walks with her dogs and days out with her children and husband.

She has always written, even as a child she would write short stories. She originally wanted to be a journalist, but events in her life changed the course of her career. She is an avid reader and loves all kinds of books, from romance to autobiographies.

"I have always wanted to write my own novel, but have always been too scared to publish any of my work."

She enjoys listening to music and you can often find her at a concert or festival, rock being her favourite genre. Music has a massive influence in her books and she often listens to songs whilst writing.

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